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Submission to the Excellence in Hot-Dip Galvanizing Awards is open and available to anyone who was involved with the project – galvanizers, engineering firms, architectural companies, contractors, fabricators, etc. Often it is best to collaborate with all parties involved to ensure you are providing the most complete and descriptive submission as possible.

To submit your project to the Excellence in Hot-Dip Galvanizing Awards, you must fill out the online submission form. Completion of the online form requires you to write the project story. It is recommended you include at least three paragraphs describing different aspects of the project so judges receive a complete story from start to finish. All entry boxes include guidance about what to write and you will be shown a preview of your input before finalizing your submission. Please review the Submission Requirements before you begin. 

It is NOT recommended to use Internet Explorer while submitting projects. We suggest using an updated version of Firefox or Chrome.

Before beginning the submission process, you will want to have the following information readily available:

  • Project location and completion date
  • Names (if available) and companies of all parties involved in the project
  • Description of why the project was galvanized, any unique aspects about the project, and any additional information that sets your project apart from other submissions to incorporate into the "story" of the project. We recommend the story be at least three paragraphs.
  • List of the components and tonnage of steel galvanized
  • Photos of the completed project ready for upload (saved with a name containing the project title)

Lifetime Achievement submissions have additional requirements, which are outlined in more detail on the Lifetime Achievement page.

Helpful Information to Review Before You Begin

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