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If an in-person seminar is not a viable option, and you feel teaching yourself will not be beneficial, the AGA also provides Galvanize It! webinars throughout the year. Galvanize It! webinars are presented by an AGA staff member who is available to answer questions, but allows you to attend remotely. Webinar attendees will see the slides as they are presented, and can follow along with audio through the computer or over the phone. All webinar versions are approved for 1-hour of CEU, LU, or PDH. Learn more about the Galvanize It! webinar versions.

2016 - Upcoming Webinars:

  • Galvanize It! Duplex Webinar - Wednesday, April 12, 3pm ET

  • Galvanize It! HDG Steel Bridges Webinar - Wednesday, May 10, 11am ET

  • Gavanize It! HDG Reinforcing Steel (Rebar) Webinar - Wednesday, May 10, 12pm ET

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