Industry Stats


70 galvanizing companies in North America (140 plants)
8 zinc producers/suppliers
37 services/product suppliers
29 galvanizing companies outside North America
Approximately 80% of industry capacity


Approximately 25 galvanizing companies in North America
Approximately 20% of industry capacity


3.4 million tons of galvanized steel in 2012
16% increase since 2003


Galvanizing operations – 8,000
Zinc Suppliers – 10,000
Service and product suppliers – 2,000

Markets Served

Utility, Agriculture, Construction, Bridge and Highway, Recreation (Stadiums)
27% penetration in 2012

Products Galvanized

Structurals, fasteners, tubing, pipe, wire, nails, reinforcing steel, weldments, complex fabrications, guardrail, and posts


Most galvanizing operations are privately held
Sales range from $10 million to $50 million
Most galvanizing operations do not take title to the steel they galvanize.
These operations are called “job” or “custom” galvanizers and they provide a service.


Paint, metalizing, concrete and composites

Galvanizing Process

  1. Cleaning the steel in a degreasing solution.
  2. Pickling in dilute hot sulfuric acid or ambient temperature hydrochloric solution.
  3. Fluxing in an aqueous solution of zinc-ammonium chloride.
  4. Immersing in a bath (kettle) of molten zinc.
  5. Inspection of material for consistent and thorough coating.

AGA members represent approximately 80% of the industry capacity. Non-members are primarily smaller galvanizers, pipe, wire and fence companies, but consolidation has changed the face of the industry in the last 8 years. There are now several multi-plant public and private operators.