2016 Presentations

Barrow Way Award

Robert Betts - Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Inc.
An Overview of Thermal Spray Processes

Curtis Goad - GOAD Company
Undetected and Silent Leaks

Joel Hahm - Big R Bridge
Pluses and Minuses of Galvanized Bridge Steel

Alana Hochstein - American Galvanizers Association
Demystifying the Touch-Up and Repair Requirements of ASTM A780

Bennett Lacey - Hub Industrial Supply
Gloves for Handling Steel

Tom Langill - American Galvanizers Association
Zinc Bath Measurements

Lachi Lazarov - Energ3
Energy Ideas for Galvanizing

Michael Leeming - Parker Boiler Co.
Boiler & Water Heater Types and Their Differences

Michael Patterson - Western Technologies
Heating of Galvanizing Furnaces

Mario Ubiali - Zinco Technologies
Data-Driven, Practical Strategies to take care of your Galvanizing Kettle

Phil Rahrig - American Galvanizers Association
Weighing Black Steel and HDG Steel
Galvanizer Certification