Go Go Galvanizers

The American Galvanizers Association (AGA) has developed #GoGoGalvanizers, a short YouTube video, as a part of the Can You Dip It Showdown. The Showdown is a student competition developed to show school pride, galvanized steel knowledge, and creativity.   Enjoy the video, and then start working on your own, today!

The Rusty Rebel has captured Princess Zinc in order to steal her zinc for his own rusty bridge as well as prevent her from using her powers to further save the world from corrosion. It is up to the Zinc Lantern and his knowledgable sidekick GalvaGirl to save the princess. 

Princess Zinc

Created from the plethora of zinc in the Earth's crust, Princess Zinc uses her zinc powers to save the world from corrosion by giving steel structures a protective, hot-dip galvanized coating. Because zinc is 100% recyclable, she is able to share her powers and then renew her zinc powers to continue to spread the long-lasting protection of hot-dip galvanizing.  When she's not out sharing her power, she lives in her galvanized steel Light Chamber palace in Denver, Colorado. This isn't her first run in with the Rusty Rebel, but luckily, Zinc Lantern is always around the corner, waiting to swoop in at the drop of a hat. 

Zinc Lantern

Daylighting as a mild mannered corrosion engineer, Zinc Lantern is always ready to provide assistance with his wealth of knowledge about hot-dip galvanizing. However, when trouble arises, the mild mannered engineer morphs into the powerful, rust-fighting superhero.  He is often seen utilizing galvanized steel’s durable zinc patina to save the world from corrosion.


GalvaGirl is the Zinc Lantern’s eyes and ears, always on the lookout for the Rusty Rebel.  It may appear she is only interested in socializing and being the "face" of the movement, but she has a keen eye and deep knowledge on how to stop the Rebel’s antics.  When she's not rust busting with Zinc Lantern, you will find her spreading the word on how hot-dip galvainzing protects steel structures.

Rusty Rebel

Zinc Lantern’s arch nemesis, the Rusty Rebel thrives on corrosion.  She is determined to put an end to Princess Zinc's corrosion protection powers and watch the world slowly crumble away - one rusty steel structure at a time.  When not in corrosion combat with Zinc Lantern, Rusty Rebel can be found creeping around rusty bridges and other corroded structures looking for her next opportunity to strike.  

Brooke - Day Dreamer (Producer)

Although Brooke is not a fan of Mondays, she is passionate about how well hot-dip galvanizing protects steel from corrosion. When brainstorming how to increase the market for hot-dip galvanized steel, she is extremely creative and has awesome daydreams.