Can You Dip It Video Showdown

The American Galvanizers Association (AGA) announces a new competition in partnership with the American Insitute of Architects Students (AIAS). Show your creativity, school pride, and what you know about hot-dip galvanizing by taking on the Can You Dip It Showdown! Need an idea? Check out the AGA YouTube page and Galvanized Steel Studies playlist to get the ball rolling.


2017 Challenge Winners

Congratulations to Carnegie Mellon University's amazing video! Watch the winning video and all of the other entries through the AGA's  YouTube channel.  CMU will have bragging rights for their campus all year!

View Past Winners

2016: New Jersey Institute of Technology

2015 Winner: Woodbury University

2014 Winner: Ball State University

The top video in each Quad will receive $500.  One winner from each Quad will be chosen to be in the finals at Forum 2017 and the best video will win:

  • $2,000 for your AIAS school chapter
  • Galvanized Trophy (traveling trophy - passed on each year) 
  • Bragging rights as the best chapter and coolest quad at AIAS Forum

Competition Rules & Guidelines

The goal of this Showdown is to have fun, bond as a chapter, and maybe learn a little about hot-dip galvanized steel along the way.  Videos will be submitted to the AGA's YouTube Channel for voting/viewing.  Voting will be ongoing during November/December, and the top video of each Quad will be selected for the Final Showdown at Forum. 

Your video must be/include: 

  • Your own creative work - show some personality; Creativity Counts!
  • Introduction to your AIAS Chapter - similar to the creativity used during "Role Call" at AIAS events
  • Minimum of 1 minute; Maximum of 5 minutes 
  • Tagged with #DipThis 
  • Show an example of a galvanized project OR an example of a corroded project (one that could have benefited from galvanizing)
  • Content must not contain any illegal activities and be PG/PG-13 in nature (keep it professional)
  • Content must not contain any copywritten audio or music

Video Ideas

  • Play or Skit
  • Music Video
  • Galvanized Steel Study
  • Interview/Talk with a galvanizer
  • Tour of a galvanizing plant/facility
  • Interview/Talk with a specifier
  • What have you done in school that has included galvanizing
  • And More!