For most foods, contact with galvanized steel is perfectly safe. Only acidic foods should not come in contact with galvanized steel according the the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. The acid in some foods reacts with the zinc coating to form salts that are readily absorbed by the body and in excess could cause a very mild sickness. So, where is galvanized steel used in food production operations? There are two primary and distinct areas, for the structural supports of a building, such as a bakery or slaughterhouse, and for trays, racks, conveyor, freezers, refrigerators, and counter-tops in direct contact with the food. Qualifying all of this discussion is the fact zinc is a necessary part of our RDA, approximately 15 mg should be a part of your daily intake. 

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Rajiv de Silva

On the subject of GI, I have a slight signs of corrosion on my jeep floor boards, side baffles and chassis from driving off road and on saline sand and with wheel projectiles under brush and debris hitting it.
Can I just wire brush and hit that with a cold galvanizing paint.
Here is the real question if I do that will the cold galvanizing offer cathodic protection to my entire vehicle.
How many points and ounces of zinc do I need to spray on.

My earlier Toyota fell apart in 7 years due to corrosion.

Rajiv de Silva

Hi Christine,

On the subject of food contact applications, is there a way to keep the aesthetics of hot dipped GI with a clear coat of a protective lacquer. If so what are the type of coatings and application methods recommended.


Kathleen Herman

I purchased these farmhouse, rustic looking cannisters (set of 3) that are made from galvanized metal.  I wanted to use them for flour, sugar, etc.  but there is a slight chemical odor on the inside. I haven’t washed them yet which may make a difference. I just wanted to know if I can use these or just have them for show, which would really be stupid.  Thanks for your help.

anders Holmberg

We bought a galvanized bucket to use for “glögg”. a swedish alcoholic beverageögg (unfortently not avaliable in english but the poctures might get you an idea)

Basicly we let spices, a special type of soda close to beer and sugar mix together and stay for 4 weeks in it.
Should we be worried?

R. Berkheiser

I am thinking of using galvanized steel flashing to convert my weber grill to a pizza oven. I suppose the temp could get upwards of 700 degrees ... Is it safe to cook a pizza

Laura Hanson

Hi Patty,

If you are worried about the acidity of the foods on the serving trays, laying a piece of foil down under the food would be a good way to ensure the food remains safe. Even if you decide not to use foil, I don’t think you will have any issues with anyone getting sick since the food will be in contact for a short amount of time.

Patty McDonald

I do special events, and I purchased this 3 tier galvanized serving tray I was hopeing to use to put like onions, pickles etc…. but now I’m afraid to after reading this.  If I put foil over the top of these trays would it help and I would not have to worry about the possibility of no one getting sick?
Thank you for your help in this matter.

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