GalvanizeIt! Online Seminar

Finish & Appearance

The inspection of finish and appearance is done with an unmagnified visual inspection. This inspection is performed by fully observing all parts and pieces of a hot-dip galvanized product to ensure all necessary components and specifications have been met. It is done in order to observe surface conditions, both inside and out, and check all contact points, as well as welds, junctions, and bend areas.


The appearance of the hot-dip galvanized coating can vary from piece to piece, and even section to section of the same piece. There are a number of reasons for the non-uniform appearance, but it is important to note appearance has no bearing on the corrosion protection of the galvanized piece. This section will overview the resons for differences in appearance.


This section will review a number of possible surface defects visible on the galvanized coating. Some of these surface defects are rejectable, as they will seriously lower the corrosion protection, while others have little or no effect on the corrosion performance and are acceptable.