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High Temperature Galvanizing

What do I tell a customer who wants “High Temperature Galvanizing?”
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Graffiti Removal from HDG Surfaces

What can I tell my customer who is worried about graffiti removal from HDG surfaces?
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Suggested Checkpoints for Optimizing HDG Steel Articles

What measures can optimize turn-around time, cost, and quality prior to sending articles to the galvanizer?
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Monitoring pH of the Preflux Solution

What are the recommended methods for measuring pH of the preflux solution?
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Transportation, Handling & Storage of Hot-Dip Galvanized Articles

How can I avoid damage to HDG articles during transportation, handling, and storage?
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Updates to ASTM D4417

What are the updates to ASTM D4417 for Measuring Surface Profile?
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Benefits of Coating Inspection Training for Galvanizers

Can galvanizers benefit from completing a coating inspection course?
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Estimating Time to First Maintenance for Duplex Coating Systems

How do I estimate Time to First Maintenance for a Duplex System?
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Hot-Dip Galvanizing Thick Steel Articles

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Ensuring Conformance to ASTM A780

Does the AGA provide guidance on ensuring customers that touch up and repairs are in conformance with ASTM A780?
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